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✔︎ Simply place under the litter box like a mat.
✔︎ Contactless and gentle on cats.
✔︎ Easy to install and operate via the app.
✔︎ Suitable for multi-cat households.

Developed with veterinarians

Why veterinarians recommend the Feniska Base

Spare your kitty from pain and suffering

Cats rarely show pain or weakness due to their evolutionary development, to avoid appearing as easy prey. This makes it difficult for cat parents to recognize signs of illness early. Often, a disease is only noticed when the cat stops eating, which means the kitty has already been sick for weeks or months. The Feniska Base is a tool specifically designed to identify symptoms of illness in cats at an early stage. This allows cat parents to react in a timely manner.

Early detection of disease symptoms

Changes in toilet behavior and gradual weight loss are early signs of diabetes, urinary tract infections, or kidney disease. These conditions affect over 50% of the cat population and are among the leading causes of death in cats. Urinary tract diseases account for 32% and kidney failure for 40% of fatalities. Feniska Base uses AI to detect changes indicating these health issues.

The Veterinarian Team

Nerése Ellis


Virginie Goffaux


Stefanie W. Engelke


Feniska Base turns every litter box into a health tracker

Icon Katze

Contactless and cat friendly

Icon leicht zu bedienen

Easy to set up and easy to use

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Adapted to most litter boxes

Icon mit mehreren Katzen

Suitable for multi-cat households

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Minimalistic and suitable for every interior

Fast customer support

Recommended by vets

30 days return policy

2 year guarantee

Graue Katze auf der Katzentoilette mit Feniska Base und App

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