Katzenklo mit rauslaufender Katze auf dem Katzenklo-Tracker Feniska Base

Gain insight into your cat's health

The Smart Tracker helps you to keep an eye on your cat's health and detect symptoms of disease early.

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Cats hide their pain, which disguises their state of health

Monitoring the litter box allows us to detect potential signs of health problems early. It can be difficult to notice irregularities in litter box visits and changes in excretory behavior with the bare eye.

Dr. Nerese Ellis

Pets, especially cats, are still evolutionarily programmed to hide signs of illness or weakness. However, by closely monitoring the cat's litter box visits, we can detect early signs of illness. This allows us to take timely action to identify potential health problems and treat them appropriately.

Dr. Virginie Goffaux

Feniska Base

The smart litter box tracker from Feniska enables you to...

Graue Katze sitzt in der Katzentoilette auf der Feniska Base mit einer App
Icon Katze

...recognize symptoms of illness early & prevent illnesses.

Icon Handy

...get health information from anywhere.

Icon Sprechblase

...manage existing diseases and prevent setbacks.


...save veterinary and treatment costs.

Icon Katze und Pfotenabdruck

...gain insights into the cat's biorhythm and understand it better.

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Assistance in recognizing symptoms of disease

We help you uncover symptoms of diabetes, cystitis, FLUTD, kidney disease and obesity.

Do a symptom check

Feniska Base the smart litter box tracker

Your cat's health in good hands

Icon Handy Katzengewicht


continuous weight development and toilet behavior of your cat(s).

Icon Handy Alarm


changes quickly that could imply health problems based on AI.

Icon Handy Benachrichtigung


you about anomalies via the app, so that you can react quickly and visit the veterinarian.

Icon mehrere Katzen


several cats in one household contactless and non-invasive.

Developed by cat parents for humans and animals

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Das sagen Katzeneltern zur Feniska Base:

Schwarze Katze auf Feniska Base

Teresa G

Great product, I highly recommend it! The Feniska Base tracks the weight of my two cats very reliably.

Schwarz-Weiß Katze auf Feniska Base

Annie B

I have two cats. Lulu and Leila. Unfortunately my cat Lulu has a kidney problem and it is so important to track and record his toilet visits. With Feniska, tracking his toilet visits and weight just got a lot easier. It's definitely worth it!

Schwarz-Weiß Katze auf Feniska Base

Juliane R

Super easy set up! Both of my cats use the litter box with the base underneath and it doesn't bother them at all.

Graue Katze auf Feniska Base

Maria S

Love the app and the tracker! My cat Timo suffers from chronic cystitis and Feniska is a great help in monitoring recurrences.

Maine Coon auf Feniska Base

Jessica R

The base is super practical. With Feniska I always have an eye on the weight of my cats.

Katzenklo auf Feniska Base

Lars K

The feature I like the most is the notification I get when a cat uses the litter box. Since I need to check the pH of my cat's urine regularly, I find this feature extremely useful.

As pet owners, we understand from personal experience how challenging and emotional it can be when your beloved cat is sick.

We take your concerns seriously and take care of every concern. We are always there for you and reply within a very short time.

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