Feniska Base for Cats

Discover the smart solution to track your cat's health.

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Feniska Base for Dogs

Discover the smart solution to track your dog's health.

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Use Feniska Base with your cat's litter box.

Continuously monitor your cat's toilet visits and weight, because cats are evolutionary masters at hiding pain. Use Feniska Base to detect abnormalities or symptoms of diseases such as cystitis, diabetes, or kidney disease at an early stage.

Use Feniska Base with your dog's favorite sleeping spot.

Monitor weight and rest times regularly with Feniska Base and actively prevent or combat obesity. Obesity in dogs is a serious problem that can affect both the physical and emotional health of our four-legged friends.

How to get started

1. Order the FENISKA Base and place it under your pet's favorite furniture.

2. Download the FENISKA app for free and set up the Base.

3. Get health updates and analysis in the app.

Pet health made in Berlin. In Friedrichshain, the small team from "Feniska" is developing what dog and cat owners have been missing for a long time.
Feniska - The Berlin-based health-tech start-up is developing a necessary IoT product that will help cat and dog owners monitor the health of their pets.
Feniska Base is the name of the new pet mat from the Berlin Start-up of the same name. The special feature: The mat tracks subtle but precise information of the health of pets.
An app that helps pet owners track their pet's health and identify potential problems early on.

Why Feniska?

Watch your pets' weight, watch their health.

Know your cat’s litter box habits and act quickly when problems occur.

Identify early changes that indicate health problems, such as urinary tract infections, diabetes, kidney disease.

Spot a common symptom of disease early - gradual weight loss.

Monitor your pet’s weight progress without disturbing them.

Stay on track with helping your pet lose, gain or maintain weight with automated monitoring.

Understand your pet’s natural biological rhythm and know when your intervention is needed.

The best for your pet ❤️

Confirmed and recommended by vets

Read here what vets say about FENISKA


D.r Nerese Ellis

"Behaviour and weight changes can be among the first signs of disease developing in our pets..."


Dr. Virginie Goffaux

"...In pets, fluctuations in weight and changes in sleeping patterns and toilet habits can be early warning signs of a variety of health problems...."


Dr. Stephanie Engelke

"Health is our most valuable asset. Innovative technical solutions such as the FENISKA Base contribute to a longer and healthier life for our pets"

Meet some FENISKA Base Users

Teresa Gresch

Great product, I can only recommend it! The base tracks the weight of my two cats very reliably. Recording individual sleep times is also particularly exciting.

Nadine Schrader

The thing is already practical, have it under the litter box and see interesting values. Can't say much about long-term use yet, but there are points that could be improved. App runs stable, the "scales" have to be reset manually in the app when we clean the litter box, it would be nice if this was triggered automatically.

Ceci Thompson

Put my dog bed on the base and I love how sleek and minimalistic it is + app is great! Unfortunately the packaging was damaged when it arrived but their customer support was lovely and even offered to send a new one :)


Customer service has always been very helpful. The pet scale works great with my 3 cats and has helped me a lot to control my cat's weight and toilet visits. The app is still expandable (a German version soon, please) but otherwise everything is great

For cat and dog parents

Made in Berlin.

Our products are developed at our location in Berlin and carefully handcrafted.

We provide information on topics such as pet health and prevention. Pet health is a matter close to our hearts. That is why we work closely with research institutes and veterinary surgeons in Berlin.

Discover the wellbeing of your pet ✨

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