A healthy weight is essential to your pet's wellbeing

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Weight is an important health indicator

When health problems occur, our pets tend to gradually lose weight without us recognizing it. Early detection of these weight changes in combination with other symptoms can help to identify possible diseases at an early stage.

Dr. Stephanie Engelke


"Health is our most valuable asset. Innovative technical solutions such as the FENISKA Base contribute to a longer and healthier life for our pets."

Dr. Nerese Ellis


"Behaviour and weight changes can be among the first signs of disease developing in our pets without causing any visible symptoms. A tracker like the FENISKA Base that alerts pet owners to these changes is extremely useful in identifying problems this early as possible. The sooner a disease is diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated and the happier and healthier our pets will be."

Dr. Virginie Goffaux


"Most pets, especially cats, are evolutionarily programmed to hide signs of illness or weakness. When pet owners eventually realize something is 'wrong' with their pet and take them to the vet, an illness is often at its best Going way, moderate, severe, or even unmanageable.In pets, fluctuations in weight and changes in sleeping patterns and toileting habits can be early warning signs of a variety of health issues.The vet can then do a physical exam, run tests, and hopefully catch a potential illness early enough , so it can be slowed, effectively treated, or even cured. When pet owners and veterinarians work together to keep their pets healthy, you're giving them the best possible chance of a long, happy, and healthy life!"

Facts & figures

Manage weight for a long and healthy life

Weight is an indicator of your pet's overall health. Therefore, the issue of weight needs more visibility for greater awareness.

Obesity causes diseases

Obesity leads to various health problems in pets. On the one hand, it can lead to joint problems and restricted movement, as the animal's bones and joints are stressed by the additional weight. On the other hand, obesity can lead to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other metabolic diseases. The life expectancy of the pet is also reduced if it is overweight.

On average, every second pet is overweight

Obesity in pets often develops gradually and is therefore not immediately noticeable. We want to use our products to raise awareness of obesity and provide a practical solution.

Sterilized pets tend to gain weight

Just had your cat or dog spayed? One of the consequences of this procedure is weight gain. Be one step ahead by closely monitoring your four-legged friend's weight.

Older pets are more prone to weight gain

As our dogs or cats get older, they are less active and more likely to gain weight. With the help of weight monitoring, you can counteract unwanted weight gain and improve your dog's quality of life.


of dogs worldwide are overweight*

*In Europe alone there are around 48 million overweight dogs


of cats worldwide are overweight*

*In Europe alone there are around 65 million overweight cats

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