A healthy weight is essential to your pet's wellbeing

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of dogs worldwide are overweight*

Obesity causes the most common diseases

For example joint problems, restricted mobility, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other metabolic diseases and a shortened life expectancy.

Older cats are more prone to weight gain

As our cats get older, they are less active and more likely to gain weight. With the help of weight monitoring you can counteract unwanted weight gain.

Spayed cats tend to gain weight

Spaying your cat is good for the cat's health. However, this procedure has one disadvantage: weight gain. Be one step ahead by closely monitoring your four-legged friend's weight.

Weight loss is also an important signal

Note that continued weight loss can also indicate medical conditions such as diabetes, bladder disease, or kidney problems.

Keep track of the weight so you can be sure your cat is staying healthy!


of all cats are susceptible to urinary tract infections.


of all male pedigree cats are prone to bladder disease.

Frequent urination

Frequent urination can be a sign of diabetes, cystitis, or kidney disease

Lack of urination

A lack of urination is usually an indicator that urination is associated with pain

Monitoring toilet behavior helps you identify symptoms in good time!

With the Feniska Base you have the most important health indicators at your fingertips

Ensure a happy cat life and monitor weight and toilet behavior with the Feniska Base

Katze betritt die Katzentoilette mit Feniska App und Base
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Observe the toilet behavior and recognize noticeable deviations.

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Be informed about the duration, number and trends of toilet visits.

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Monitor weight changes and get live updates.

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Actively combat underweight and overweight.