Should you get a health tracker for your pet?

Solltest du einen Health-Tracker für dein Haustier zulegen?

Have you ever wondered if your pet could benefit from a health tracker? Just like us humans, pets need to be checked for their health in order for them to live long, healthy lives. However, as a pet owner, life can get in your way when you have to take care of it. A pet health tracker is therefore a great tool to better understand your pet's life and health. Learn more about how a health tracker can help your pet live a happy and healthy life here.

What is a pet health tracker?

A pet health tracker uses health data such as your pet's behavior, sleeping habits and weight changes to give you a better understanding of your pet. A tracker can usually be synced to your smartphone so you can check your pet's data in your own time. So if Bello isn't eating like he used to, a health tracker can collect data on your pet and inform you about possible reasons for his eating behavior. A tracking device can detect small changes that you may not have even noticed and makes life less chaotic.

What are the benefits of a pet health tracker?

A pet health tracker can be helpful if you want to improve your pet's health. By monitoring your pet's physical activity, you can increase their activity and encourage weight loss, for example. Obesity in pets is a common problem and a device that monitors your pet's health would be an easy solution. Just as we need to take care of our mental health, so must our pets. A device that can improve your pet's physical health can also help them feel better overall. The most important thing about a pet health tracker, however, is that you always know about your pet's well-being, even when you are not physically near them.

Is a pet health tracker affordable?

Although price varies, there are affordable pet health trackers out there. One such tracker is a GPS pet collar that lets you know where your dog or cat is, how much it's been moving, and any health issues it may have at any time. A GPS collar for pets costs around €70 to €130.

There are other pet activity trackers with more features, such as monitoring your pet's sleep quality, energy levels, and even anxiety levels. These trackers can also be connected to a health app like Apple Health Kit or Google Fit, giving you instant access to your pet's health status. These devices usually cost between €60 and €70.

Pets play an important role in our lives and owning a gadget that will allow them to lead a happy life should be a priority for pet owners. This gives you the opportunity to offer your pet a better life and it's fun to get to know your pet even better and to have a closer look at their activities.

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