5 cat bathing tips

5 Tipps um deine Katze zu baden

Generally, it is not necessary to bathe your cat unless it is either extremely dirty, has been exposed to toxic products, or is recommended by the vet. Otherwise, there are alternatives like wipes, wet wipes, or even dry shampoo made specifically for cats.

#1 Brush the fur

Before you begin, you should make sure the cat's fur is free of knots. If you brush their fur beforehand, you can remove most of the dirt that has built up.

#2 Cut the claws

Before bathing your cat, trim its claws first. Especially if your cat doesn't like water, she will most likely try to scratch you to defend herself. If you trim the claws beforehand, you can protect yourself from scratches.

#3 Get help


If possible, get help with this task. Some cats don't like water so they will try to escape. Another person holding the cat can prevent this. However, if you find your cat is overly stressed, take a break.

#4 Find the right time

Bathing your cat when she's still energetic is generally a bad idea. Try it only when your cat is calmer, such as after playing with catnip.

#5 Use a non-slip mat

No one likes slipping in the bath, and that goes for cats too. With a non-slip mat you give your cat a feeling of security and support. This can also help prevent injury.

Extra tip: It's best to leave your cat alone after the bath, as it will most likely be in a stressful state. Give her time to relax and recover.

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