Why you should adopt your next pet from a shelter

Warum du dein nächstes Haustier aus dem Tierheim adoptieren solltest

Do you want to get a four-legged friend but don't know whether to get him from an animal shelter or from a breeder? You will get a cute four-legged friend one way or another, but adoption has many advantages for both the animal and you. Read through this blog and learn why you should adopt your new pet instead of buying it from a breeder.

What is a pet adoption?

When you adopt a pet, it usually comes from an animal shelter. Animal shelters are staffed facilities that provide homes for homeless animals and animals who have been victims of animal cruelty. The aim of an animal shelter is to take in unwanted, stray and abandoned animals and to provide them with medical care, give them food and water and, above all, find a loving new home for them. According to estimates by the European Union, there are currently around 100,000 abandoned pets in Europe waiting for a new home.

What are the advantages of adopting an animal from a shelter?

First, when you adopt a pet from a shelter, you're saving not just one life, but two! Animal shelters and rescued animals need a second chance to be a pet. When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you give it a new life and at the same time free up a spot at the shelter to be filled by another animal that also needs a second chance.

Second, by considering adoption, you reject cruel breeding facilities. It can happen that breeders have little or no concern for animal welfare. So when people buy from breeders instead of adopting them, they put even more animals at risk.

Third, the animals from the shelter deserve a chance to live as pets in a loving home. When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you give them that chance. So if you're ever thinking about getting a new pet, consider adoption. Not only are you helping yourself with a new best friend, you are also giving your new pet a chance at a stable environment in a safe, loving home.

Have you decided to adopt? Excellent! Here are a few tips that can make your search for a pet easier. Start looking at animal shelters in your area. However, be prepared that the adoption process will take some time. If you are having trouble locating animals in your area, try adopting an animal from a breed rescue or smaller facility. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest blog!

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