6 game ideas for cats

6 Spielideen für Katzen

Even though an indoor cat sleeps most of the time, it's important to make sure they get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy. There are many different ways to encourage your cat's activity. Here are six ideas for fun cat exercises.

Build a hockey rink

For more fun, you can put something rustling or a ball in a large box or in the bathtub to create a hockey rink for your cat. Playing in a box or in the bathtub will add extra fun to your cat.

Use a laser pointer

Laser toys are often good entertainment, but use a toy designed for this purpose. Cats love to chase the light. However, so that your four-legged friend does not experience frustration because they will never catch the beam of light, you should put a treat or other toy down after playing. Also, make sure that the light beam is never aimed directly into the cat's eyes.

Complete an agility course

If your cat is very energetic and agile, consider trying some agility exercises with your cat. You may be more familiar with such exercises from dogs or horses, but cats also really like games that mix speed and challenge. For example, you can overcome a number of obstacles, such as B. Set up bars that have to be jumped over or tunnels that have to be crossed and encourage the cat to run through the course with a string or spring or even a laser pointer. But be careful never point the laser pointer directly into the cat's eyes.


This works best on younger cats. If you already have an older cat, it's usually not a good idea to bring in a kitten as a playmate. It is better if you bring the two together when they are young. Then they behave like human siblings who can talk to each other all their lives. But that doesn't mean that you can completely forego playtime with your cats, especially if they're purely house cats.

Make room for climbing and scratching

Climbing is good for balance and helps your cat maintain mobility. Whether you want to get a 3 or 4-story cat tower or free up space on a shelf, cats' natural instincts are to climb and explore higher places. If for some reason your cat doesn't show interest, try placing treats at different distances.

Make your cat a pinata

Cats love to smack things overhead. To make a piñata, use a plastic container, such as an old yogurt or sour cream jar with a lid. Cut a small hole in the bottom of the container. Put a treat or two inside and hang the cup with string so the cat can reach it. If the cat hits it in the right way, the treats will fall out :).

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