10 tips to make your pet cat's life more exciting

10 Tipps, um das Leben deiner Hauskatze spannender zu gestalten

There are many reasons you keep your cat indoors. Maybe you live in a crowded city or near a dangerous road. Or your cat has health problems and needs to recover a bit before it can go outside again. Whatever the reason, here are a few tips to help your cat have more fun indoors!

1. Find a friend for your cat

What's better than a cat? Exactly! Two cats. Two cats are often ideal because they're more likely to play together when you're not home, while a cat alone would probably just lie around and sleep all day. A bigger step would be a dog, but you should think twice about that as not all dogs and cats get along well.

2. Cat toy

You should always provide your cat with some fun toys to play with. Cats are usually crazy about catnip toys. Catnip targets your cat's happiness receptors, causing them to roll over and rub on the floor. Over time, the mint toy can get a bit tiring, so you'd better have another toy like a robotic mouse that moves by itself. This satisfies your cat's hunting instinct.

3. Racing and skipping ropes

Quick play games are important to give your cat some exercise around the house. A simple string with a small toy attached to the end and pulled quickly across the floor is ideal for this. Alternatives to this are braided bands that you can swing through the air or a small rubber ball that's thrown across the apartment. A laser pointer, whose red light your cat can chase, is also a good option. However, be careful not to shine it in your cat's eyes or anyone else's eyes, as this could be harmful to you.

4. More joy when snacking

Puzzle feeders are a fun way to challenge your cat while giving her a treat. A puzzle feeder is a container that holds the food. The containers have to be opened in different ways to get the food. This increases feeding time, increases the physical strength required to open the container, and engages your cat's brain in a fun way. Puzzle feeders are easy to make at home with a box and some empty yogurt cups. There are great YouTube tutorials on this.

5. Let your cat climb

Cats value vertical space more than horizontal space. They are also excellent climbers and the best way to encourage this ability is through cat trees. There are different types of cat trees on the market. You can get a floor-to-ceiling cat tree or a regular scratching post with a few houses and baskets. The higher the scratching post is, the more fun your cat will find on it, because she can rest on it and survey her world.

6. The classic cardboard box

Every cat owner knows the phenomenon that he gives his cat a nice present and in the end the cat prefers to play with the packaging. Take advantage of this and collect all the cardboard boxes you have lying around at home. You can use this to make a small hideout by filling the box with paper, leaves, or other materials, and then tossing in a treat when your cat is around. If that alone doesn't trigger your cat's search instinct, you can also pull a string or a toy through the box and let it rustle nicely. This is guaranteed to arouse your cat's curiosity.

7. Play hide and seek

Most cats love to crawl in and out of places. Therefore, build a small den for your cat from time to time. This works, for example, with a box in which you have cut a hole. Encourage your cat to explore by placing a blanket over the box and only revealing the "cave entrance." Inside, a treat or a warm blanket can be waiting for your cat so she can get really comfortable. Your cat will certainly watch you curiously as you set up the den.

8. Cat-friendly plants

When cats roam outside, they usually nibble on grass here and there. Add some cat-friendly plants to your home to give it a natural feel. The plants can help your cat relieve gastrointestinal problems and other ailments. The weed can provide a substance that fills the stomach or induces nausea to rid the stomach of foreign objects. While occasional vomiting is nothing to worry about, you should still keep an eye on your cat. If you find her breaking more often, you should see a veterinarian.

9. Create a safe outdoor area for your cat

If you live in the city, this tip might be a bit trickier. However, if you have a balcony or small yard, you can create a safe outdoor space for your cat. You can purchase wired fences or netting to protect your cat from falling or escaping while still allowing her to explore the sounds and feel of nature.

10. Spend more time with your cat

This point should be child's play. Cats are sometimes clingy and the person they turn to is obviously the person they spend most of their time with. This can range from playing with the cat to cuddling in front of the TV. Spending a lot of time with your cat is very important for bonding with your pet. Always take a little time out of your stressful everyday life and give your cat lots of love and attention.

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