Why tracking your pet's activity is important

Warum Aktivitäts-Tracking bei deinem Haustier wichtig ist

For us humans, tracking our physical activity has slowly become the norm. Our smartphones have integrated pedometers, there are fitness apps that you can install to measure your own calorie consumption and you can buy wearables such as Fitbit that record all movements. Fitness tracking has numerous benefits and makes us feel in control of our bodies. The same concept applies to our pets, so in this article we will talk about the benefits of pet fitness tracking.

An active pet is a happy pet because exercise not only stimulates the body but also the mind. So by tracking your pet's activity, you can make sure they're not only healthy, but happy too. Feniska allows you to keep a daily log of your pet's activity and gives you tips on how to keep your pet fit. Monitoring can help you determine when to increase your pet's activity. In this regard, it is important to know that too much activity can also be bad. If your pet is prone to joint problems, you should ensure that they maintain a moderate level of activity.

Monitoring your pet's activity level is a great way to prevent or treat obesity. Combined with weight and feed monitoring, you can ensure your cat or dog is maintaining a healthy weight. Preventing obesity is important as it is a leading cause of diseases like osteoarthritis in pets. If you want to learn more about obesity in pets, read our blog on weight monitoring (insert link)

In addition, your pet's activity level provides insight into possible health problems and diseases. For example, it is well known that pain and sleep are related. The relationships can go both ways. Your pet is either sleeping more to relieve their pain, or they are restless and sleeping much less because their pain is constantly disrupting their sleep. In either case, monitoring activity is the only way to tell when drastic changes are occurring in your pet's sleeping patterns.

Thyroid disease is a good example of how a change in activity level can be a clue. The thyroid plays an important role in regulating the hormones in our pets' bodies. How the thyroid works is complex, but when it comes to monitoring your pet's health, the following points are important. When the thyroid isn't working as it should, it can lead to lethargy and fatigue in your pet. Therefore, if activity drops drastically, it could be a sign of thyroid problems. In any case, it's good to recognize low energy levels and see the vet.

Want to start tracking your pet's activity but not ready to spend money on an activity tracker? Download the Feniska app from the App Store and start using our simple activity tracker. You'll get a weekly insight into your pet's activity levels in the form of easy-to-read charts and access a variety of blogs on tips and tricks for increasing your pet's activity levels.

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