10 Guinness World Records set by cats and dogs

10 Guinness-Weltrekorde, die von Katzen und Hunden aufgestellt wurden
  1. The oldest cat ever was called Creme Puff. She was born in August 1967 and lived 38 years and 5 days until she passed away in August 2005. She lived in Texas with her owner Jake Perry, who was also the owner of previous record holder Granpa Rex Allen. Currently, the place for the oldest living cat is still open.
  2. Alexis, a cat from Austria, took the title for most tricks performed in one minute in June 2020. She and her owner Anika performed a total of 26 tricks in 60 seconds!
  3. The record for the tallest living domestic cat goes to a Maine Coon cat named Barivel from Italy. The shy cat measures 120 cm in May 2018. The tallest house cat of all time, Stewie, was 123 cm tall.
  4. Another Main Coon has set the record for the longest cat tail of all time. Cygnus Regulus Powers' tail measured a total of 44.66 cm in 2018.
  5. Merlin, a 13-year-old tomcat, set the record for the loudest purr from a house cat in April 2015. His purr is a whopping 67.8 decibels. That's almost as loud as city traffic!
  6. One might assume that the record for the most viewed animal on YouTube is held by a cat. However, the actual record holder is a beagle named Maymo with over 4 billion views on his YouTube channel.
  7. The oldest dog that ever lived was the Australian cattle dog Bluey. Bluey was born in 1910 and worked between cattle and sheep for almost 20 years. He died in 1939 and was 29 years and 5 days old. The oldest living dog is Funny from Japan. He is a Miniature Dachshund who was born in May 1999 and is currently 21 years old.
  8. The tallest dog of all time was the Great Dane Zeus, standing at 44 inches (1.2 m). Sadly he passed away in 2014 but he remains the greatest dog of all time. The current tallest living dog is Freddy, at 1,035 m tall.
  9. A golden retriever from New York is currently the record holder for the most tennis balls that a dog can hold in its mouth. Finley can hold up to 6 tennis balls in his mouth.
  10. Last but not least, a very special record: the fastest 30 m on a scooter was driven by a dog named Norman. He's a three-year-old French Shepherd and set the record in less than 21 seconds.

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