Popular cat breeds

Beliebte Katzenrassen

Cats- they are elegant, charismatic and sometimes difficult to assess. The ancient Egyptians already made friends with cats and distributed them all over the world via seafaring, where the furry friends became self-employed and continued to cultivate their relationships with people. In this blog we will tell you about the most popular cat breeds and explain what makes each breed so special.

The Persian Cat

Soft, long fur

Weight: 3-8kg

The Persian cat is one of the best-known cat breeds and is characterized in particular by its facial features: a broad head, round ears and a small nose. Another feature of the Persian cat is its long, soft fur, which not only wants to be petted, but unfortunately also often sucked off your clothes, furniture and other surfaces. Persian cats have been associated with elegance and grace for centuries, arguably due to their gentle nature. So if you're looking for a calm and snuggly companion, you've found the perfect roommate in a Persian cat! However, be prepared to invest a lot of time in grooming and taking your Persian cat for regular health checks with your vet. Persian cats are genetically prone to obesity and eye infections.

Russian Blue

Short fur with a bluish tinge

Weight: 3-6kg

The Russian Blue cat owes its name to its fur, which has a bluish tinge to it. Their short coat rarely sheds hair, making this cat breed attractive to people with allergies. Cats of this breed are quite shy at first, but can develop a deep bond with their owners as they become more comfortable. Russian Blue cats are very loyal animals, so if you're looking for a loyal friend, this cat breed is for you.


No fur, sparse down

Weight: 3-7kg

Sphinx cats are best known for their lack of body hair and their small heads and large eyes. Although many people aren't fans of the nude cats, they hold a special place in our hearts <3

Sphinx cats are very outgoing, which makes them great roommates, and are often very affectionate with their owners. Lacking a protective fur coat, hairless cats need plenty of food to keep warm. While you don't have to worry about grooming, you should take special care of your cat's skin care. Sphinx cats produce a lot of oil and scales that need regular cleaning. However, your effort will be rewarded - your cat will reward you with a lot of love and affection.

Siamese cat

Short fur

Weight: 3-5kg

Siamese cats are known for their light, cream-colored fur, which has dark markings on their extremities and face. Siamese cats spread from Thailand all over the world and are very intelligent and curious animals. They love exploring their surroundings and spending time with their owners.

Somali cat

Medium length, dense fur

Weight: 3-6kg

With its large and muscular body, the Somali cat comes closest to the wild cat. Its bushy tail and long ears are similar to those of a fox, but the cat's temper is much calmer. Somali cats value their own privacy and can entertain themselves for hours. When around people, they can sometimes become a bit rebellious and not easy to control.

If you want to get a Somali cat, you should make sure that it has a lot of freedom and opportunities to move.

Exotic shorthair cat

Short fur

Weight: 4-8kg

Did you know that the iconic cartoon character Garfield is inspired by this cat breed? With its narrow eyes and short coat, it is easy to spot. Unlike the more cynical Garfield, Exotic Shorthairs are very easygoing companions. Cats of this breed are known for their close connection to people and their calm, cuddly nature.

If you are also someone who likes to take it easy at home, the Exotic Shorthair cat is for you because you know how to really relax.

There are of course more well-known breeds of cats, which differ in a wide variety of characteristics. No matter which one you choose or already own, with the right training and care, you will become good friends. If you want to learn more about living with cats, feel free to read more blogs and follow us on Instagram so you don't miss a thing!


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