Why food tracking is important for your pet

Warum Food-Tracking bei deinem Haustier wichtig ist

Statistically, one in two pets is obese and obesity is the leading cause of health problems in our pets. While it may be difficult to say no to our four-legged friends, it is important that we regulate their food intake. When our pets suddenly start eating more or less, it can be a sign of a larger health problem. In this article, we talk about the importance of monitoring your pet's food intake.

Eating behavior is an important indicator of the health of pets, because loss of appetite or changed eating habits are often the first signs of illness. Food tracking plays a big role here, as over time you will gain a thorough understanding of your pet's individual eating habits, allowing you to anticipate changes in their health and emotional well-being. Food tracking becomes even more important as pets get older and suffer from conditions like kidney disease.

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