This is how your cat stays fit! Exercises for your four-legged friend

So bleibt deine Katze fit! Übungen für deinen Vierbeiner

Have you ever wondered how your cat manages to remain flexible and even crawl into the furthest corners of your apartment? Like humans, cats need a certain amount of exercise to keep their bodies and minds healthy. In this blog, we present a few exercises and games that will help your cats to stay fit, consciously or unconsciously.

stretching exercises

Not only is stretching a treat for your cat's muscles, but it will also help her reduce stress and sleep better. If you want to help your cat do her daily stretching exercises, you can make sure she has enough space. Places like the couch or an empty table are ideal spots for a bit of stretching, as there are no objects or furniture in your cat's way.


Cats love a little walk. It doesn't matter whether she's doing a lap around the block or paddling from her sleeping place to the kitchen - your furry friend is always happy when she can stretch her legs. If you would like to go for a walk with your cat, you can get a cat leash and explore the world with your pet.


It doesn't matter whether it's up or down - cats like to jump on all imaginable pieces of furniture. If you would like to encourage your cat to jump, you can put a chair or stool in your room or build a small parkour that your cat can use. Although cats can jump to impressive heights, be careful not to place your chair or stool too high.


Cats are great at running, so how about a little game of tag? Just pretend another animal is chasing you and start running yourself. Your cat should then start running too, so you can play a little game of tag - maybe even with a treat or two at the end?

Fun Fact: Did you know that cats run best after eating tuna or chicken? These foods are said to help burn fat faster and give the cute furry friends more drive.


Cats love to play hide and seek - even when you're not expecting it. When cats are bored or don't want to be disturbed, they'll happily duck into whatever corners they can fit into. If you sometimes hear a meow and don't see your cat right now, she's already started your game. If you want to up the ante on your game, you can use toys like a little stuffed mouse and hide it to lure your cat out of hiding.

If your cat seems more energetic and hungry after playing, that's a sign she enjoyed it!

Cats are little acrobats and love to surprise you with their quick reflexes and daring jumps. Exercise is also very important for animals, so if you want to challenge your furry friend, try one of the tips above or make up your own exercises that you can try out with your cat.

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