Pet weight tracking

Gewichtstracking bei Haustieren

Did you know that obesity is the leading cause of health problems in pets and can lead to diseases like diabetes, arthritis and heart disease - all of which shorten your pet's lifespan? While we all assume that our pets are not overweight, statistics show that one in two cats or dogs worldwide is overweight. Weight management is critical to preventing and treating obesity. In addition, unexplained weight changes can be an early indicator of disease.

Obesity in pets is caused by the accumulation of excessive fatty tissue in the body. It is the result of an inappropriate diet and lack of physical activity. If your pet is 20% over their optimal weight, they are likely obese. If you don't have a middle-aged cat or dog (between 5 and 15 years old), you have an increased risk of obesity. Obese pets are more likely to develop joint disease and diabetes. In addition, they have a higher risk of developing complications after surgery. Obese cats can also suffer from mouth and urinary tract infections that are a result of obesity. All of these health issues ultimately lead to a poorer quality of life and a shorter life expectancy for your pet. Regular weight checks are important to prevent or treat obesity.

A weight check will measure your pet's weight and assess their physical condition. Pet owners typically rely on weight checks performed by the vet, but it's still important to do them at least once a month between vet visits. Regular weight checks can help keep your pet at their ideal weight, which can lead to a longer, healthier life. Even more important, however, is that you can identify diseases and problems more quickly through regular weight checks.

Unexpected loss of face, for example, can be the first sign of diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism in cats, kidney failure and cancer. If you consistently track your pet's weight, you'll be able to notice deviations and changes much more quickly - and identify health problems much more quickly. In addition, a weight analysis helps veterinarians in investigating health problems.

With the Feniska App, available on the App Store, you can easily track your pet's weight. But that's not all. The Feniska app illustrates your pet's weight changes with clear graphics and, in addition to weekly insights into your pet's weight, you also get readings about your pet's food, mood and activity.

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