Spring tips for your pets

Frühlings-Tipps für Deine Haustiere

Whether it's your first time owning a pet or you've been with your pet for a few years, there's always something new to learn. Here are some things to look out for in spring. Follow these tips to keep your pets safe.

Fleas and ticks


Not only can these insects be unpleasant for your pets, but they can also cause serious illnesses. To prevent this, you should check your pets daily for ticks and other parasites. If they have a long coat, you should brush the coat regularly so that any insects can fall off. You can also put an anti-tick collar on your pet.



The signs of allergy can appear in the spring, causing the animal to scratch and bite, which in turn irritates the skin and can leave the coat bald. If the vet has prescribed medication, be sure to have it on hand at all times. Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all as pets react differently to different allergens.



Be aware of certain plant species that are poisonous to pets. These include lilies, tulips and castor beans. If consumed, symptoms such as vomiting or difficulty breathing occur. If your pet accidentally eats one of these plants, seek medical attention immediately.

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