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Cherish Every Purr - Feniska Ensures You Never Miss a Clue About Your Cat's Health

Unlock Health Insights into Your Cat's Weight and Bathroom Habits.
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Feniska Base in short

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Early symptom detection of illnesses like diabetes, kidney diseases & obesity

Save money and stress caused by high vet bills and visits

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AI driven cat identification in a multi-cat household

What experts say about Feniska

Dr. Nerése Ellis

"Behavioral and weight changes can be among the first signs of a developing illness in our cats."

Dr. Virginie Goffaux

"Pets, especially cats, are still evolutionarily programmed to hide signs of illness or weakness. However, by closely monitoring the cat's visits to the toilet, we can detect symptoms of illness at an early stage."

Dr. Stefanie Engelke

"Health is our most valuable asset. Innovative technical solutions like the FENISKA Base contribute to a longer and healthier life for cats."

4 reasons why vets recommend the Feniska Base

Cats hide their pain

Cats don't usually show when they're in pain or weak because they evolved to hide it to protect themselves from predators. Often, cat parents only notice that their cat is ill when it stops eating, which means the cat has been sick for a while. The Feniska Base is a tool specifically designed to identify symptoms of illness in cats at an early stage, allowing cat owners to react in time.

Detect symptoms early

Changes in toilet behavior and gradual weight loss are early signs of diabetes, urinary tract infections, or kidney diseases. These illnesses affect over 50% of the cat population and are among the most common causes of death in cats. Urinary tract diseases account for 32% and kidney failure for 40% of deaths. Feniska Base uses AI to detect changes indicating these health issues.

Know your cat's biorhythm

An often overlooked aspect is the biorhythm of our pets, especially their toilet habits and weight development. Feniska Base can automatically monitor deviations from normal toilet habits, such as more frequent visits, longer or missed sessions, changes in the amount of waste, and weight development over a longer period.

Supporting data for vets

Has your cat eaten more? Drunk more? Been to the toilet more or less often? These are classic questions asked by veterinarians. With Feniska Base, you have historical data on your cat, which can help your vet with the diagnosis.

Be the fur-st in line

Reserve the Feniska Base to secure the most purr-suasive discounts.

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Cost savings in treatment

Recognizing your cat's illness early on can significantly reduce the cost of treatment. The Feniska Base keeps you informed about any unusual symptoms, enabling quick action and veterinary care. By addressing issues promptly, especially with urinary tract diseases, diabetes, and kidney diseases, you could potentially save up to 80% on treatment expenses.

With Feniska Base
Without Feniska Base

Chronic cystitis, urinary crystals

Chronic cystitis, urinary crystals


Increased toilet visits and reduced urine output detected by Feniska Base

Disease noticed when the cat stops eating, barely moves


Notification via app, immediate vet visit possible

Disease persists for weeks or even months


Examination, medical dissolution of urinary stones + antibiotics

Examination, removal of urinary stones only possible through surgery, limb amputation, hospitalization


approx. USD 350

approx. USD 2900

Feniska Base

Here is what you get:

What's in the box

1x Feniska base
1x USB C cable (1.3m)
1x Plug for USB-C Cable


Dimensions H x W x L 
2cm x 45cm x 45cm

IPS ST7789V 1.14 inch


WiFi connectivity supports 2.4 GHz

cream white


Developed by cat parents for our felines ❤️

The first production batches were successfully delivered in 2023! Here’s what cat parents are saying about the Feniska Base:

Schwarze Katze auf Feniska Base

Theresa G.

Great product, I highly recommend it! The Feniska Base tracks the weight of my two cats very reliably.

Schwarz-Weiß Katze auf Feniska Base

Annie B.

I have two cats, Lulu and Leila. Unfortunately, my cat Lulu has a kidney problem, and it's so important to monitor and record her bathroom habits. With Feniska, it has become much easier to track her bathroom habits and weight. It's definitely worth it!

Schwarz-Weiß Katze auf Feniska Base

Juliane R.

Super easy set-up! My two cats use the litter box with the base underneath, and it doesn't bother them at all.

Maine Coon auf Feniska Base

Jessica R.

The base is super convenient. With Feniska, I always have my cats' weight in view.

Katzenklo auf Feniska Base

Lars K.

The feature I like the most is the notification I receive whenever a cat uses the litter box. Since I need to regularly check the pH level in my cat's urine, I find this feature extremely useful.