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Monitor how often your cat visits the litter box and learn about your cat's routines.

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Detect important changes of the litter box habits right away.

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Help your cat maintain a healthy weight and know immediately when the weight changes.

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Useful facts

Why is it important to monitor toilet behavior?

Cats instinctively hide their symptoms

Cats are evolutionarily masters at hiding pain to avoid being seen as potential prey for other predators. This characteristic often makes it very difficult for cat owners to recognize discomfort or pain at an early stage.

Early detection of diseases can avoid expensive treatment costs

Feniska Base continuously monitors and collects your cat's toilet visits. If the system detects any unusual changes that could indicate kidney disease, diabetes, or bladder disease (like FLUTD), you'll receive an alert. This allows you to react early and see a vet before the problem gets worse.

46% of all cats are susceptible to urinary tract infections

Urinary tract diseases are the most common diseases registered with pet insurance companies. These disorders can be easily recognized by observing your cat's toilet behavior: your cat will spend more time on the toilet or have an above-average urge to urinate.

Follow the treatment of already sick cats

If your cat already has bladder stones and is undergoing treatment, Feniska Base can help monitor the progress of treatment. By monitoring your cat's toilet visits and urinary habits, you can determine if treatment is working or if further action may be needed.

Useful facts

Why is it important to track weight?

Weight is an important health indicator

Regular weight measurement can help to identify serious health problems such as diabetes, bladder disease or kidney problems at an early stage. When these diseases appear, the dog tends to lose weight gradually, without this being visible to the naked eye.

Older cats are more prone to weight gain

As our cats get older, they are less active and more likely to gain weight. With the help of weight monitoring, you can counteract unwanted weight gain and improve your cat's quality of life.

Every second cat is overweight

Check and monitor your cat's weight regularly. This will help your cat maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity. By keeping your cat at a healthy weight, you give her a better chance of a healthy and long life.

Spayed cats tend to gain weight

Just had your cat spayed? That's good! However, this procedure has one disadvantage: weight gain. Be one step ahead by closely monitoring your four-legged friend's weight.

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Dr. Nerese Ellis


"Behaviour and weight changes can be among the first signs of disease developing in our pets..."

Dr. Virginie Goffaux


"...In pets, fluctuations in weight and changes in sleeping patterns and toilet habits can be early warning signs of a variety of health problems...."

Dr. Stephanie Engelke


"Health is our most valuable asset. Innovative technical solutions such as the FENISKA Base contribute to a longer and healthier life for our pets."

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