How to deal with separation anxiety in dogs

Wie man mit Trennungsangst bei Hunden umgeht

Dogs are known to live in packs. Being surrounded by their community or family is important to their well-being. As a dog owner, you are viewed by your dog as the "leader of the pack," which can cause stress and anxiety in your dog if you leave your dog alone for any length of time. Separation anxiety in dogs is a negative behavior that arises from being separated from their parents.

Here are five tips on how to deal with separation anxiety.

1) Separate emotions from actions

Change up your routine before you leave. If possible, you should leave the house through another door or signal that you are leaving by taking your keys or shoes with you, but you should definitely not leave the apartment suddenly. This way you can distance your dog's fear from these actions and your dog won't startle every time you leave the house. Don't forget to give your dog a treat before leaving the house to make it a positive experience.

2) Downplay goodbyes and greetings

Putting too much emphasis on your departure and arrival triggers emotions in your dog and can lead to an absence issue. Don't get caught up in your dog's excitement once you get back. The dog needs to calm down before you can greet it. The same principle should apply when you leave the house. Don't make a big deal out of it and just say goodbye. Over time, your dog will learn that your absence is nothing to worry about.

3) Pre-departure activities

Playing tag or walking your dog is a great way to distract and work out. The exercise will most likely make the dog too tired to worry about your absence.

4) Leave amenities for your dog

Drop items that smell like you, such as B. Blankets, pillows or even some clothes to calm and relax your dog. Another great way to distract dogs from their owner's absence is to hide treats around the house so they can chase them. Last but not least, playing relaxing nature sounds in the background can also help your dog relax!

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