Different types of dog bowls

Verschiedene Arten von Hundenäpfen

You may be wondering, "Isn't there just one type of dog bowl?" The short answer is no. You can find the long answer to that in this blog post about different types of dog bowls.

travel bowls

If you travel often and like to take your dog with you, then you should definitely have one of these bowls in your inventory. Travel bowls are usually made of silicone, nylon or polyester fabric and are easy to clean. The great thing about them is that they are collapsible. Once your dog has finished eating or drinking, you can fold them into a flat Frisbee-like shape and not worry about them taking up too much room in your bag.

Raised dog bowls

Giving your dog a slightly raised food bowl can be helpful for large dogs, as well as dogs that are disabled or recovering. The increase improves comfort and prevents joint damage in large dogs. It can also prevent your dog from tipping over his bowl when he's rushing to eat out of excitement. It happens to the best of us too.

deep bowls

Deep bowls are great for dogs that have long snouts as they allow enough room for their noses. These steep-rimmed bowls prevent your dog's ears from falling into the harness.

Flat bowls

Shallow bowls are good for dogs with small noses and puppies, as the lack of depth makes it easier to reach food. But keep in mind that it can get messy as the small rim doesn't prevent the food from falling out of the bowl. To make cleaning easier, you can place a non-slip mat under the feeding bowl and then simply wipe it down. This also prevents the bowl from slipping while eating.

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