This is how you make your apartment puppy-proof

So machst du deine Wohnung welpensicher

Are you a first time owner? Or are you just adopting an extra puppy? Either way, you've probably already thought about puppy-proofing your house! That way, you don't have to worry as much about damage to the house or your pup while they explore their new surroundings.

As your puppy grows from week to week, he will go through different phases. For the first few weeks, your little fur baby will only sleep, eat and do its business, but after a certain point it will start to get curious. Your pup will sniff out, lick, and maybe even nibble on their new surroundings.

Sure, that sounds a bit scary at first, but that's exactly why it's so important to make your home puppy-proof. So you're practically worrying beforehand, rather than afterwards, when someone or something has been harmed.

A good first step (and probably the most important as well): think about which rooms your puppy shouldn't have access to and make sure to always close these doors behind you. For example: the laundry room. Should your dog have access to this place? Can it come into contact with detergent, fabric softener or other toxic substances there?

The same goes for rooms or places where you keep your shoes, bags, or trash.

Speaking of shoes, keep your valuables and potential hazards such as cords, cleaning supplies, etc. in a high place where your puppy cannot reach. Sometimes not letting your pup in the laundry room or cloakroom is not an option. In this case, you can try to put all potentially dangerous objects on a high shelf.

This not only protects your dog, but also your belongings from damage.

If both tips are not an option for you and your puppy, you can try to set up his own little play area with a small enclosure that he cannot easily leave. This way you can keep your puppy in a safe place when you can't watch him. Brighten up your little pup's kingdom with some toys and treats to give your pooch a little something to do on his own.

But make sure that you don't leave your dog alone for a long time!

Now on to safety, we've already talked about toxic detergents and cleaners, but there are more things you might want to clean up or rearrange before you bring your new furry friend into your home.

Certain house plants or foods can be fatal if your puppy chews on them. So it's best to do some research on whether your houseplants could be poisonous to your dog, and if so, dispose of them or move them to another "safe" room.

As for the groceries, you can just put them on a high shelf or in a drawer that your dog sure can't reach.

Danger! If you want to puppy-proof your home, always think of your puppy's welfare first, not your home. Even if it is a lot of work, the safety of your four-legged friend always comes first!

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