This is how you cool your dog down on hot days

So kühlst du deinen Hund an heißen Tagen ab

This year's summer has already broken some heat records and not only made us humans sweat, but also our four-legged friends. Dogs also have a fur coat in summer, which unfortunately cannot be taken off easily, and they have little joy on particularly hot days. So here are a few tips on how to refresh your dog on hot days.

1. Make sure your dog drinks enough water

Especially on hot summer days, your dog should always have access to fresh water. If you are going to be out with your dog for a long time, it is best to take a bottle of tap water with you and a bowl that your pet can drink from. Also make sure that the bottle is best stored in a cool and dark place so that the water does not heat up so quickly.

If you and your dog prefer to spend time indoors, you should still refill their water bowl from time to time to ensure their water is relatively cool and clean at all times.

If you want to give your dog a bit of variety, you can also give him some frozen or chilled fruit, or just put some fruit in a bowl of ice cubes and then put that in his water bowl.

Just make sure not to give your dog any toxic food!

2. Cold treats

You can either make your own cold treats or buy them pre-chilled from your favorite pet food store. For example, if your dog likes to eat apples or pickles, you can put them in your fridge before feeding them to him.

Did you know that some ice cream parlors sell special dog ice cream? Dogs should not eat our ice cream as it often contains sweeteners and milk which can harm our furry friends. If you can buy dog ice cream in your area, go ahead and enjoy a scoop or two of ice cream with your four-legged friend.

In general: Make sure that your dog can actually eat the desired treats. If you are unsure whether your dog can eat certain foods or snacks, contact your veterinarian.

3. Go swimming with your dog

Of course, taking your dog to the nearest outdoor pool is not a good idea. But there are actually some dog swimming pools where you can easily go swimming with your four-legged friend.

Otherwise, most beaches and bathing lakes have a signposted dog beach where you can sunbathe with your dog and then cool off in the water. If you are going to be in the sun with your dog for a long time, you should always make sure that your dog has some shade in the form of a tree or parasol.

If you don't have any swimming facilities in your area, you can also get creative yourself and put a paddling pool in the garden or on the terrace or simply turn on the lawn sprinkler and watch your dog enjoy the cool down.

4. Try to keep the temperature in your house down

If your dog is just too warm outside, your cool house can be a retreat. Therefore, always make sure, both for you and your dog, that your house does not get too hot in the summer. Lower the blinds or turn on a fan - the main thing is that you and your four-legged friend can protect yourself from the summer heat.

We hope that our tips have been of some help to you. Enjoy the summer and take care of yourself and your four-legged friend.

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