How to: DIY dog toy - in just 15 minutes!

So bastelst du deinem Hund ein tolles Spielzeug- in nur 15 Minuten!

In January of this year, my sister and I adopted a cute dog named Polo. When we bought Polo's food, dog bed, food and other necessities, we realized that we had already spent our entire budget and forgot the dog toy of all things.

However, I believe that toys are essential for every dog ​​and after cleaning out my closet again I found some old t-shirts that I could easily use for a little DIY dog toy.

There are many tutorials for dog toys online, but most require a variety of items that you may not have on hand. So today we bring you a tutorial for a dog toy that all you need is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors!

Dog toy DIY

You need:

  • An old t-shirt
  • A scissors
  • Fun tinkering 😊
  1. Take your t-shirt and use scissors to cut off any buttons, notes, rubber bands, etc. that your dog could injure themselves on. If you don't want the print on your t-shirt to be visible on the dog toy, you can turn your t-shirt inside out.

  2. Lay your t-shirt on a table and cut it under the sleeves in a straight line. We used a ruler to get the straightest possible edge, but you can try without it too.

  1. Take the half with the sleeves and roll it into a ball. Try to fold the t-shirt sleeves so that you can wrap them around the ball so that it doesn't fall apart as easily.

  1. Take the other half of your t-shirt and cut it apart along the left and right seams, making one half into two separate rectangles.

5.Take one of the two rectangles and wrap it around the ball you formed in step 3 to make an even bigger ball.

6.Take the other rectangle and cut off part of the fabric in a straight line.

  1. Take the leftover fabric rectangle and place it over the ball so it looks like a little ghost.

  1. Then take the ribbon that you cut from the larger rectangle in step 6 and tie it around the ball so that it cannot fall apart.

  1. If you grab your toy by the ball and hold it up straight, you'll see that the hanging fabric forms multiple spikes.
  1. The fabric should end in four points. Take a lace and try to stretch the fabric as long as possible.

  1. Once you've stretched all four points, you can cut the fabric between each end just short of the ball of fabric.

  1. Now take the four ends of the toy again and stretch them again.

  1. Now for the creative part: now you can decorate your dog toy however you want. But make sure that there are no small parts that your dog could swallow.

  2. Now you can cut each of the four ends three times. Be careful not to cut all the way through each end, though.

  3. Now that each of the four ends has been cut into three sections, you can braid those three sections into a "braid."

In the end, your toy should look something like this:

Have fun playing!

If you want, you can modify your toy so that there are only three braided ends instead of four.

Dogs love toys! They can play with it themselves, but they can also play with the toy together with you.

Give it a try and make your own version of our DIY dog toy.

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