Meet Feniska

Meet Feniska

As pet owners, we have had experiences with sick pets - or worse, having to have a sick pet put to sleep. That's why we, Ropa and Sonita, joined forces to build this company. Our products are very important to us because they were born from a desire to understand pets and their well-being and to improve their health

When Django, my Russian Blue tom almost died from bladder stones, I was going through a terrible time. I was scared of losing Django and at the same time filled with guilt for not realizing his illness sooner. Django has been through a lot and after talking to other pet owners about it, I realized that this pain and anxiety is a common problem with pet owners. Our pets can't talk to us and when they're sick we don't realize it until they start eating less and becoming lethargic. However, these signs often only appear when the disease in our pets has already progressed.

So I decided to quit my job, move to Berlin and pursue my dream: to build a company with the most intuitive and reliable digital pet health products. As I focused on the design and development of the product, I realized that I needed someone who could help me build a business. And then I met Ropa. I knew right away that I wanted her to be my co-founder. After our first lunch together, I told her about my startup and that she should join as COO. She thought I was joking but 6 months later she was there 😬...

Not only is Ropa a great podcaster (check out her podcast, Afro Comb Podcast), but she can empathize with people and their problems. She also has an empathy for pets and their well-being. Unfortunately, Ropa also had to make experiences with a sick pet. Her dog Phoenixx (yes, with two x's) suffered from Lyme disease and unfortunately had to be put down. RIP Phoenixx!

Ropa and I have set ourselves the goal of developing products that every pet owner can use to ensure that their pet is healthy and happy. When developing the Feniska Base, we worked with many veterinarians, research institutes and biologists and pet owners. This is how we want to ensure that we are developing a pet-friendly product that can accompany pets and owners through everyday life.

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