Simple games to play with your dog

Einfache Spiele, die Du mit Deinem Hund spielen kannst

Playing with your dog not only means variety for your four-legged friend, but also helps to strengthen the bond between the two of you. It's best to play with your dog every day to challenge him and spend time with him, but we know that finding quiet moments with your four-legged friend isn't easy these days. So we have put together a list of simple and short games that you can play with your dog at home or outside.

1. Throwing sticks

Throwing sticks is the classic among dog games - but should not be underestimated. The best thing about the game is that you don't necessarily need a stick, you can use pretty much any dog-friendly objects. Whether it's a ball, cuddly toy or stick - whatever is thrown can be caught and give you and your dog a great time! You can play tossing sticks indoors, but if you want to be safe with your furniture, take your four-legged friend to the garden or a park.

2. Hide and See (with treats)

This game not only challenges your four-legged friend physically, but also mentally and, above all, stimulates his sense of smell. In general there are no real rules for hiding treats, but we have put together three different versions for you, the first version is particularly suitable for smaller dogs, while the second version is suitable for medium to large dogs.

Version 1

  1. Take an egg box and cut off the lid

  2. Take some treats that your dog likes and place them in the wells intended for the eggs. Place about 1-3 treats in the well you plan to use.

  3. Cover the treats in the wells with a blanket, newspaper, or other material. It is important that your dog should first sniff and "dig" before he gets to the treats.

  4. Watch your dog play!

If you want to play the game with a larger dog, you can also use a muffin tin instead of the egg carton and then cover it with correspondingly larger things, such as a blanket or cuddly toys.

Version 2

  1. Take an old towel, which also likes to get a little dirty, and lay it on the floor

  2. Grab some treats and put them on the towel

  3. Now for the fun part: roll the towel up into a sausage shape, making sure the treats are spread all over the towel.

  4. Knot the towel

  5. Now let your dog untie the towel and sniff out all the treats

If you want to play the game with a smaller breed of dog, just roll up the towel and don't knot it.

Version 3

Take a plastic bowl that you don't mind getting dirty and play the game in a place that you can easily clean.

  1. Take a few treats that your dog likes and stack them on top of each other

  2. Turn the bowl over and cover the treats with it

  3. Let your dog play with the treats and the bowl

We hope you found some inspiration for playing with your dog! Make up your own rules, come up with some new things - the main thing is that you and your dog have fun! Enjoy the time with your four-legged friend and don't forget to always take some cute pictures!

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