The 5 most expensive dog breeds in the world

Die 5 teuersten Hunderassen der Welt

Have you ever wondered how much your dream dog costs? If it's featured in this blog, you should start saving now! Sure, every breed of dog comes with its fair share of costs, such as insurance, registration fees, and vet visits, but the dogs on this list take the word "expensive" to a whole new level!

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed of dog that originated in Nepal and China. Thanks to their good reputation, Tibetan Mastiffs are in great demand, which of course drives up the selling price. Tibetan Mastiff puppies start at €2,000 and can go as high as €10,000. The highest price ever paid for a dog of this breed is nearly €2,000,000 by a Chinese businessman in 2014.

But not only the purchase price is high. Because of their size, Tibetan Mastiff dogs need a lot of food and are prone to diseases such as hip problems and eye problems. Additionally, they need to be tested regularly for hyperthyroidism, which will also add to your vet bills.


Samoyeds are the dogs with the cutest smiles on earth! These fluffy dogs originally come from Siberia and were bred as sled dogs. Nowadays they can only be found in a few households as they are very rare and therefore also quite expensive. A Samoyed puppy can cost up to €12,000.

But the costs don't stop there either: Samoyeds require shearing and are highly prone to autoimmune diseases and other health issues. Therefore, they must be regularly examined and tested by the veterinarian.


For centuries the Lowchen was one of the most popular dog breeds in Europe, but in the 1970s it was almost on the verge of extinction and at a certain point there were only 70 dogs of this breed left. That's why Löwchen are correspondingly expensive and a Löwchen pup can cost up to €10,000. The good thing: Lowchens are usually very healthy and have a life expectancy of 15 years.


Rottweilers are very popular and common dogs, however, most dogs of this breed are not necessarily pure-blood. Expect to pay upwards of €1,500 for a purebred Rottweiler puppy these days, and even after you’ve bought it, the costs keep going up. Pureblood Rottweilers are prone to illness and rack up very high vet bills over their lifetime.

Canadian Eskimo Dog

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Native to Siberia, it was bred by the Thule people of North America to pull sleds more than 1000 years ago. Unfortunately, between 1959 and 1970 more than 20,000 Canadian Eskimo Dogs were killed by the Royal Canadian Police. There are now only about 300 Canadian Eskimo Dogs left in the world and puppies cost around €8,000. Additionally, dogs of this breed are prone to arthritis, heat intolerance, and various stomach issues, which is why they rack up a hefty vet bill, too.

Hopefully this article doesn't stop you from getting your dream dog. However, at Feniska we always advise you to find out about dogs from the animal shelter first. Would you rather save yourself the money and look for other dog breeds? No problem! Visit our blog and read our article on the cheapest dog breeds.

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