Hiking with your dog - what you should pay attention to

Wandern mit Hund

Do you want to go on a little adventure with your dog? Hiking is a great activity for both quadrupeds and two-legged friends, but if you're keen to take your dog with you on your hike, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Find out about possible hiking routes

On some hiking trails there are certain regulations regarding taking a dog with you, which is why you should find out about them in advance so that you don't break any rules and have a great hike with your four-legged friend.

Do not forget

When you pack your bag or backpack for your hike, you also have to think about your dog. Here is a small packing list with the most important things:

A dog leash (with harness or collar)

Even if you have a particularly well-behaved dog and there is perhaps no designated leash requirement on your hiking trail, you should always carry a leash around with you. You don't know how your dog will behave on your hike and you should also think about the safety of other people and animals you might encounter.

A water bowl and drinking water for your dog

Both you and your dog should drink something during your hike to stay fit. To keep your dog hydrated, you can either bring a dog water bottle with a built-in bowl, or simply bring a water bottle and water bowl or bowl that you can easily store and clean.


In addition to water, snacks are not a bad idea when it comes to feeding your dog. To reward your four-legged friend in between and to provide him with energy, you can take him some of his favorite snacks with you.

Poop bag

Although you two move around in nature and there is often no one in sight far and wide, you cannot control when and where your dog needs to be big. To avoid accidents and trouble, it is best to always carry a few poop bags with you.

First aid kit

Either you buy a first aid kit or you put it together yourself. A few basics are, for example, white plasters, tweezers, small scissors and disinfectant. We recommend tick tweezers and any medication that your dog needs to take at the moment.


If your hike lasts into the late evening hours, you might want to pack a light strip or vest with reflectors for your dog. If you get lost, your four-legged friend is easier to find and can also be recognized by approaching cars in an emergency.

Depending on the weather, you can also pack a small raincoat or even shoes for your dog (and of course you too)!

Of course, your final packing list also depends on the individual needs of your dog. If you've gone hiking with your dog before, you've probably already created your own "packing list". Nevertheless, we hope that our blog has given you some inspiration and a desire to go hiking.

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