7 suitable dogs for families with children

7 Hunde, die für Familien mit Kinder geeignet sind

Do you have children and are you thinking about getting a new four-legged family member? A new dog is always wonderful, but especially if you have smaller children in your family, there are a few things to keep in mind. A family dog should have a calm, patient nature and, above all, be open to children. In this article we will introduce you to 7 dog breeds that are suitable as family dogs due to their nature.

1.Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers not only look like angels on four paws, but also have an extremely gentle and loving nature. They are cuddly, affectionate and love to spend time with all their family members. In addition, Golden Retrievers are the perfect companions for walks, hikes and even vacation trips, as they are always open and friendly to strangers.

2. Border Collie

Probably the most famous Border Collie is Lassie from the movie of the same name. Just like her, Border Collies generally have friendly and extremely intelligent dispositions. They are patient, learn quickly and are very good with children without being overwhelmed. In addition, they love to play and hike with their human family. So get ready to spend a lot of time with your new family member.

3. Labrador

Labradors are kid-friendly and patient dogs that are also great for first-time owners. They learn quickly what they are allowed and not allowed to do and fit well into a family thanks to their loyalty and active nature. But there is another special feature: Labradors are also suitable for allergy sufferers because they produce less of the Can f1 protein, which often triggers allergic reactions in humans.

4. Maltese

Originally bred to be companion dogs, Maltese have a very easygoing and gentle nature that goes well with their fluffy looks. They are open-minded and, above all, well suited for families with small children, as they do not grow very large and do not demand too much from their companions. They can also be kept in an apartment thanks to their small size and require less exercise when compared to other dog breeds on this list.

5. Newfoundland

Newfoundlands may look a bit menacing at first glance, but they are very calm and love children. Their easy-going and patient nature makes them perfect for dealing with first-time owners and children. However, they can also be stubborn and require an appropriate level of discipline and nurturing to settle well into their new family. Despite everything, Newfoundlands are gentle giants who love their families very much and always want to protect them, whether small or large.

6. Labradoodle

As the name suggests, Labradoodles are a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. They are particularly noticeable because of their curly fur and their lively nature, which they have mainly as puppies. Labradoodles get big and need a lot of exercise because they always want to be challenged. Despite everything, they are very loving beings who have a lot of fun, especially when dealing with children. However, because Labradoodles are large and active, they may not be ideal for families with young children.

7. Beagles

Last but not least: The Beagle. Beagles have a sunny disposition and are very gentle with others. Beagles are the typical family dogs and strive for education and discipline. Nevertheless, they are not aggressive, but very patient and like to explore their surroundings on slow walks with their two-legged family, so that they can sniff out everything. Beagles are also suitable for beginners.

We hope this list has been of some help to you in your search for a family dog. Of course, these are only recommendations, the character of an animal is always a bit different despite its breed and before you get a dog, it is always advisable to learn more about its breed and its genetic predispositions. If you want to learn more, check out our series on the 7 groups of dog breeds.

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