5 dog bathing tips that will make your life easier

5 Tipps zum Baden von Hunden, die dein Leben einfacher machen

Dogs and bathing- either they hate it or they love it. But mostly they hate it. If you don't know how to handle your dog when bathing, here are a few tips and tricks that might help you.

1. Brush your dog

Brushing your dog's coat before the bath can loosen knots and excess hair in the coat that would otherwise end up down the drain. Another plus: the bath time can be shortened, for which your dog will be grateful.

2. Use a bathtub (and a non-slip mat)

If possible, put your dog in a bathtub to avoid large pools of water and splashes. If you don't have a bathtub, you can of course also use a plastic tub, which you can buy at a hardware store, for example. You should also place a non-slip mat in the tub to protect your dog from possible injury. This is because when your dog tries to jump out of the bathtub, it's easy for him to slip and hurt himself.

3. Use the right shampoo

Dogs have a different pH than humans. That's why you MUST use a shampoo that's formulated for your dog's pH level. If your dog's natural pH is out of balance, this can lead to damage in the skin barrier and subsequent skin problems. If your dog already has skin problems, a medicated shampoo is best. Also, make sure the dog shampoo you choose doesn't contain any unnecessarily harsh chemicals.

4. Protect your dog's eyes and ears

It's best to avoid getting your dog's head wet when bathing. A dog's eyes and ears are very sensitive and should therefore not come into contact with water or your dog could be in pain. If you want to be on the safe side when it comes to your dog's ears, you can very gently insert cotton balls into the entrance to his ear canals before bathing him. Be careful NOT to put the cotton balls in your dog's ear canal, as this could damage your dog's ears.

5. Make sure to always touch your dog with one hand

Some dogs like to bathe, some don't. Most dogs don't like baths and will keep trying to hop out of the tub to get out of the water. If you don't want your dog to jump out of the tub and flood your room, always hold your dog with one hand. In this way, you can ideally prevent any escape attempt in good time. Another tip: Two people are ideal for larger dogs.

6. Reward your dog!

This tip should actually be a sure-fire success. Shower your dog with lots of praise, cuddles, and love during the bath. Try to stay calm and calm your dog down too by talking to him in a soothing voice. When your dog is done with his bath, you can reward him with a new toy, a treat, or a nice bone.

Bonus tip: If your dog is afraid of water, it helps to familiarize him with the pool environment. For now, just let the water run and talk to him. Also, always have one of his favorite toys or treats handy. This will create a friendly atmosphere and calm your dog down.

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