10 Interesting Dog Facts

10 interessante Hundefakten

Since dogs are the most popular pets, here are 10 fun dog facts everyone should know. Have fun!

1) A dog's nose is his fingerprint

Dog noses are truly unique. Just as every human being has an individual fingerprint, every dog ​​also has an individual nose print.

2) Dogs use the Earth's magnetic field when they defecate

This may seem strange to you, but apparently dogs can sense the Earth's magnetic field and tend to orient themselves north and south when doing their business.

3) Some dogs have black tongues

The Chow Chow and the Shar Pei are the only two dog breeds that have completely black tongues.

4) Basenji dogs don't bark

This breed of dog does not bark like other dogs. Instead, they make an enchanting sound that has been described as "yodeling."

5) They use their nose as a heat sensor

Dog noses can distinguish the warmth of room temperature and the body temperature of a mammal. Pretty great, right?

6) Dogs can adapt to their owner's stress levels

Did you know that dogs can sync their long-term stress levels with their owners'? So go through life calmly - or at least try it for your four-legged friends :).

7) The oldest known domesticated dog breed is the Saluki

Resembling a greyhound, this breed dates back to 329 BC. when they were kept as royal pets by the people of ancient Egypt and even mummified after death.

8) Dalmatians are born completely flawless

Dalmatian puppies are born with an all-white coat and their first spots usually appear within the first three weeks of birth.

9) Dogs have paw preferences

More than 75% of dogs have a preference for using their paws. Males prefer to use the left paw.

10) Licking the nose improves the sense of smell

The reason dog noses are so wet is because it allows them to absorb smells better. They even lick their noses to taste the substances, which helps them understand the smells better.

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